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High-precision reductors: working out and production at our site E-mail


New    Gearbox for research instruments in the oil and gas wells
  The actuator for driving the screw piles
   Reductor with the increased central aperture
   Two-stage reductor PCR 320/220-47x59

  The company «AVVI» since 1991 been active in the sphere of high technologies and specializes in such industries as manufacturing gearboxes for various enterprises and individuals, as well as the manufacture of electric different configurations. Our precision gearboxes are suitable for emerging industries, and for private use: our gearboxes are compact and easy to use. Also, our design department made gear reduction or cycloidal gear for you, as well as other gear boxes and transmissions for our customers. A modernization of the model number of cycloidal  gearbox : we make planetary gearboxes on the latest developments. It is important to monitor the safety and quality of the equipment: when it is time to improve the engine, gearbox (moderate prices) or electromechanical drive, you can order from us, in person or via the Internet. On the conditions under which sells gearbox (or the sale of PCR - cycloidal  gearbox ), you can learn more at our site. 

  Gearboxes and electric AVVI indispensable in the technique, which requires a high transfer capacity with minimal dimensions and weight control, accuracy, high reliability and durability. 

  Some comparative technical characteristics planetarno-cevochnyh reductors and эвольвентных planetary are more low resulted: 

  PCR possess high Efficiency (to 0,95), high loading and reloading ability, high adaptation to conditions of the decision of special problems; provide the big transfer relations in one step (to 191), smoothness of course, absence of vibrations and split-hair accuracy at the considerable passed moment. Such parametres have provided to these reductors high applicability in machine-building branches of the developed countries of the world. Epitsikloidalnoe gearing possesses the big Efficiency than traditional evolventnoe, and thus allows to reach in 7 times more the transfer relation in one step. The specific weight of reducers PCR (planetarno - cevochnyh reducers) with EC (epicikloidalnym) — gearing is less, similar indicator evolventny than planetary reducers, in 2-7 times that allows or to reduce reducer dimensions at identical loading ability, or to increase loading ability at the same dimensions.  


    Application EC of gearing in in our reductors allows:

— To raise Efficiency of reducers with the big transfer relation 9-40 (which make in the market of 55 % from total number of reductors) on (3-6) % at the expense of application of one-stage reducer with EC gearing instead of 2-3 steps of usual reducers.
— To reduce consumption of bearings in reductors to (30-50) % at the expense of reduction of number of steps (at three-stage evolventnyi reducer of 8-10 bearings, and at one-stage Ets-reducer with the same parametres – 4-6).
— To reduce consumption of lubricants in reducers to (20-40) % at the expense of reduction of the area of rubbing surfaces, and total amount of the reductor depending on number of steps.
— At the expense of higher strong characteristics EC – gearings to raise between repair term of operation of reducers in (2-5) times, including to create reducers on all service life of the mechanism (car).

   The main activity of the company - production  planetary-floral own gearbox design. Detailed information about them to Products 

  Applications of our gearbox: 

  • general engineering products 
  • aircraft industry
  • MIC
  • textile industry
  • robotics
  • Medical Equipment
  • Equipment conveyor lines
  • etc. 

  Examples of products AVVI see Application gearbox in the technique

   Here are some recent developments: 

  • Electrical muscle-turning device anti hail rocket launcher;
  • Wrench for rescue equipment;
  • etc.

                                       to see the relevant section 


Редуктор привода РЛС

Опорно-поворотное устройство с редуктором ПЦР 220

Двухступенчатый редуктор ПЦР 320/220-47х59

Редуктор с увеличенным центральным отверстием

Редуктор бурового ключа типа АКБ

Привод ПЦР120-143 АИР56А4

Редуктор для завинчивания винтовых свай РБ 540

Мотор-редукторы ПЦР–Д

Бюджетная серия планетарно-цевочных (циклоидальных) редукторов

Редуктор привода поворота башенного крана КБ

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Редуктор привода хода башенного крана КБ


Редуктор центрифуги

Редуктор ПЦРМ 360-10 (мультипликатор)

Привод ПЦР 320-29/АИРМ 132S6

Механизм поворота антенны космического базирования

Специальный редуктор для подводных аппаратов

Гайковерт для аварийно-спасательной техники

Планетарно-цевочная передача гайковерта